Who Is Matthew Gorman?

The guy who writes this stuff

My name is Matt Gorman.  I am a young adult thriving in this dangerously unstable economy/world.  I have a passion for people.  I love being around people, helping people and connecting people through every medium I can.  I want to be the philanthropist Bill Gates is and the influencer Zig Ziglar is and I want to do it all by the tomorrow and make the world a better place.  If you knew where I was going, you couldnt afford not to follow me.

There is always a smile on my face and music is always making its way through my head during my day.  It keeps me alive and music is one of the reasons I am alive today.

“Fadded and worn, fingered and torn…just a bundle of old love letters. I kiss each one, and though I’m pretending, it’s a beautiful play with an unhappy ending. Weary and blue, I read them through. They are all I have now of you…”

“If Music Be The Food Of Love, Sing On”


One comment on “Who Is Matthew Gorman?
  1. Stacy says:

    Wow, double snaps- super deep.

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