Today was a great day.  I was able to witness one of the happiest moments in my life and it wasnt about me at all.


I was thrilled, floored, elated, and so proud of Mr. Bill and Whitney Rose today.


Bill preached like ive never seen him before.  His heart was on fire with the love of the lord and these words were coming from his mouth and hitting the audience in the chest.  He was spewing love, and encouragement and challenging every single one of them.  He was identifying the Christians who take the easy way.  Who go to church and then feel “like they have to go home and clean up their lives before next sunday so they don’t feel guilty”.  He was condemning the generation we have stuck in the growing youth of today who feel like everything is entitled to them.  Like they feel like everything is owed to them without ever knowing what it is like to work for something, save for something, and meet a goal you have set for yourself or your family.  The spoiled kids who keep to be slapped across their face with the back of the left hand.


He mentioned the love the father had for the prodigal son.  He made a comparison I had never heard before, the Father resembles the Lord.  The dad doesn’t care about the actions of the sons past, he doesn’t care how he was treated.  He took his fathers earnings and money and selfishly left for his own fulfillment of sinful ways.

The father (god) is always sitting on the front porch just waiting for you to take that first step back in his direction.  The “religious people” of the world want to condemn you and shun you and punish you for acting out of the “status quo” of christianity, but the father and/or god want to welcome you back into his home with no stipulations.  you dont have to work your way up, you dont have to outbalance your bad with good.  You just need to take that step back to him and your life is forever in his presence, you are with Him.

You can hear Bills passion coming out of this story because I know his story.  I know when Bill was looking for that father to come home to.  I know when Bill didnt have anything but a basketball and a bible keeping him on the right path and he was only a few pages from going the other way.

Bill didnt know what a real family was like.  And he didnt know what the loving embrace of a father or mother feels like.  As he is telling this story all I can do is cry for him.  I cried in the church, I wiped my tears away with my jacket every few minutes because I knew Jesus had saved Bill in many more ways than any father could have saved their kid.

Bill was put up for adoption and lived in a children’s home in Falcon, NC and you would go weak in the knees to hear of his past life before these glory days ahead.


He was adopted and loved, and cherished and supported by the Roses in Goldsboro, NC.  Two godly people who finally gave Bill a front porch to start walking towards.  He felt the warmth of the love of Jesus and the relationship he had with his spiritual father was soon coming to fruition in the physical world.

Now I might be exaggerating, but I know Bill better than most.  All I could see was him walking towards a porch.  All I could see was his feet covered in filth, overtaken by bruises and sores, walking in the cold hard rain down a long winding road.  His lord and savior was looking in the distance and knew his silhouette better than anyone.  Bill is trying to keep his pace steady but the road he traveled wasnt an easy one.  He has been trying to find the answer to his prayers, and the fulfillment of his soul and he was walking towards that porch to have a seat at the table with Jesus.

I slowly see Whitney come into the picture.  Holding Bill upright and walking with him, hand in hand, side by side.  Jesus smiles…Mr. Rose, and Mrs. Rose, and Larry, and Vicki, and Todd and Andrea and Me and Danskin, and Sanchez and everyone from Falcon, and everyone from his past puts a hand on him and helps him along his journey.  Jesus smiles.

Teachers come and share with Bill the faith they have had in him since the beginning.  Children come and run in front of the pack playing and thanking Bill for being their voice.  They hug Bill and cry with Bill…he is the reason they might still be here on this earth with us.  Jesus Smiles.

Bill Rose and Whitney Rose reach the front gate, as you would assume its a white picket fence with a latched gate.  Bill opens the gate, walks towards his Father and he is greeted by a warm embrace.  The sensation fills the heart, soul, body and mind.  Your journey has begun for now you are here.  At the table where you belong.  You have always been serving Him and now you are the one to help others serve.

Today is the day I saw my best friend have one of his dreams come true.  Bill and Whitney will be opening their own church in January of 2014 called Oasis Church http://oasischurchnc.com/ .

Today is #anamazingdayinmylife.  I saw an amazing journey start.  I saw a boy become a man and take ownership of his future.  I saw an entire church rise up and support the growth of a kingdom that is troubled with selfishness.  They rose up and when they all prayed for the lucky couple (Bill and Whit) who were to take on this church plant….you saw a sea of hundreds of hands all reach forward and support this movement.

I have a new church called Oasis.


Today was #anamazingdayinmylife.



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