4 Tools For Your Grass Roots Social Media Movement

You think you know social media?  Prove it!  

Put these tools to use to get you started and make sure you keep educating yourself everyday on the new tools and analytics that come to surface so you can stay ahead of your clients and your competiton.  Before we get started some people to follow on Twitter that will help you with this

Kristi Hines– a great source for marketing through social media https://twitter.com/kikolani

Michael Stelzner AKA the Social Media Examiner https://twitter.com/smexaminer 

Josh Peters – The author of one of my favorite books, “Twittfaced” https://twitter.com/JoshSPeters

And now your top 4 tools for grass roots social media:

1. Tweetdeck – Obviously this is my favorite tool.  Web-based or as an application on your computer or cell phone, this has the most user friendly interface and the ability to cross promote your tweets and posts on other networks even including your foursquare for those of you who have a large following for the geo-location based social network.  I use the Google Chrome extension on my PC.  Dont forget about about the ability to search for tweets and content/trends in a specific area!  Very helpful for business owners

2. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite is the most used of the tools I am listing.  It has a great interface for scheduling and timing tweets.  You can also update your BLOG, Facebook pages, multiple twitter accounts and an INCREDIBLE SUPPORT SYSTEM and training curriculum put in place to train people how to get the most out of their tool.  Follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/hootsuite

3. Socialoomph.com

If you havent heard of this back office tool for social media hurry up and get on it.  Socialoomph.com was once called Tweetlater.com.  You can automatically follow users who follow you and send them a Direct Message immediately when they follow you to inform them on what you offer and how you can help them with your services.  Automated Direct Messages, Automated followback, and it will schedule your content just like SocialOomph and Tweetdeck will.  This is a great tool to have in your Social Media Toolbelt.

4. Your Cell phone!

Your most important tool is your cell phone.  Your mobile device can access all these tool through mobile optimized webpages.  Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and of course the dedicated apps for the networks (facebook, twitter, google+, Foursquare).  Stay connected, use Google Alerts to find as much content as you can and then dont overpost….always share what you think your audience wants to hear.  Listen, that is the best advice I can give you.

Electronically Yours,



A social conglomerate fighting for his voice to be heard and a way to motivate the world. Words are all that is between you and success. That and fear. Conquer fear and use the words to tell people about your triumph. You can always win.

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