People are put in your life for a reason.

Learn, Share, Grow.


Welcome to my life… you will have one of three purposes during your stay.  You will either help me learn a lesson in life to improve the journey.  You will share with me something that I need to know and hear to help me be the successful person I want to be in life.  Or you will help me grow and prepare for the long grueling road ahead (grueling taken from Oregon Trail).  Everyone in your life will help you with one of these three thing or possibly all three.


No one will be able to tell you how long someone is supposed to be in your life.  Some of the people closest to us and the people who have even taught us the most are taken from us with a moments notice. I have noticed personally that the majority of lessons I have learned in life are from people I have been in a relationship with and people I have worked with over the years.  In relationships you break down walls and find a common bond with someone that brings you closer together than most of your relationships in the rest of your world.  A boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife knows you better than most and your trust in that person has allowed you to share with them and expose your deepest darkest secrets and feelings.  Of course this is reciprocated and you have found your best friend basically.  With this level of closeness of another person you learn things in parting that you would like to have in your next relationship.  You can begin to understand things you will want to have in your life with your next partner and slowly tweak your selection process to find the perfect mate.  Or you could be one of the lucky ones who hits gold on the first try.  

Your job is usually an environment harnessing competition and success while maintaining a harmonious balance of personalities and low levels of stress.  You learn so much from people that were in your position at one time.  They are like your parents, they have been through almost exactly what you will be going through and can off you their experience and trials so you dont have to figure them out yourselves.




If you are lucky enough to have your parents around they probably grew up the same way, with the same questions, same problems, just without the iPods, iPhones, and computers.  


I love writing about what people have taught me, I am forever grateful for many people in my life.  Experiences that you don’t value during the moment will sometimes be experiences that will be immeasurable later on in life.  The drunk driver who hit you at a stop light will make you always wear your seatbelt and never drink and drive for the rest of your life.  Your best friend will talk you into trying out for the school musical and change your life musically forever.  Your girlfriend will bring you to tears when you think about how much you love her and how you could take away all her pain in this world.  


Everyone is meant to be in your life for a reason.


Learn, Share, Grow.






A social conglomerate fighting for his voice to be heard and a way to motivate the world. Words are all that is between you and success. That and fear. Conquer fear and use the words to tell people about your triumph. You can always win.

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