This is not a blog post about phobias, or anxiety, or fear or even worries.

We all control the amount of stress we include in our lives. We hold on to it by choice. We allow it to effect us willingly and we always have the ability to disconnect from the circuitry of the bothersome. We can always remove ourselves from the situation at hand. We can unplug from those moments and events that we cannot control and let them run its course, understanding we cannot control it. You are not responsible for the things that happen to other people and things. But you are the curator of your inner happiness and outward attitude.

Some people are plagued with stress and anxiety from things they bring upon themselves. I won’t ever tell someone to meditate and escape to another world because we cannot truely escape our bodies we live in. But if you could visualize a switch, or a plug, or a connection that can be easily severed and the feelings you are suffering with can easily be drowned out with three simple tricks.

1. Focus on the positives
You wake up everyday. I think thats a big enough reason to always have a good day. When you wake up and take that first breath….its all worth it until the sun goes down. We aren’t guaranteed another day and we all should know that. You are reminded of it everytime a loved one passes and you finally get a glimpse of how valuable the days can really be. My best friend Laura K’s grandfather coined one of my favorite sayings, “Never had a bad day”. Make this your mantra and feel the joy of living everyday a happier way.

2. You can only control you attitude and actions
If you are in line at a grocery store and someone is taking too long or you are enjoying a movie at a theater and someone is talking or on their cell phone. There is rarely an action or a type of verbal communication you can make to improve the situation. You feel your time and space and experience is being imposed on and they will always feel attacked. Instead you remove yourself from the situation. Have you ever seen the Pepto-Bismol commercial where the right hand just pushes down the acid, or the “red stuff” before it turns pink. You have that same control over these situations. You control your body, your mouth, your mind. Garbage in, Garbage out. Keep your thoughts positive, look at the world with the positive side of your brain. If you didn’t get that promotion, don’t quit. Maybe you need to work harder to be accepted into that role. Maybe you should tell someone how great their shoes look instead of making fun of their shirt. Your positive comment helps their body image or self esteem and you have just started a chain reaction of good things happening in the world because you ignored the negative and embraced the positive.

You can give off that vibe and message everyday. You are in charge of what people see in you and feel from you.

3.Humbled by Gratefulness
Always think about those less fortunate than you. Be forever grateful for where you are, where you came from and what you have become. It can always be worse. Now I know that’s like putting a positive spin on a negative idea but you can use it as motivation to stay above the level of stress you might be dealing with that moment. Maybe its a fear of flying. Remove yourself from the situation, control your response and think about the opportunity you have infront of you. You are probably traveling to see family/friends or maybe on a personal vacation. You have the ability to drive to an airport and take the flight and be where you are in a few hours. You have such a privilege to have access to these types of things that other areas in the world will never know. You have a job, you have a car, you have a family, you have working body parts and you (like i said before) you woke up breathing.

Everything is all under your control. Even though the negativity of the world sometimes seems like its breaking the seems of our sanity we always can pull on the reigns and tell it where to go. Keep negativity out of your relationships, out of your professional career and out of other peoples ears. We have a tendency to try to “one up” the other persons terrible story. “Oh you think that was bad? Wait until I tell you what happened to me.”

Rise Above It.




A social conglomerate fighting for his voice to be heard and a way to motivate the world. Words are all that is between you and success. That and fear. Conquer fear and use the words to tell people about your triumph. You can always win.

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