Valentine’s Day

Wikipedia, one of the world’s most credible resources (yes it has been proven) defines Valentine’s Day as – an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions.

Which it is, the day has love in the air and everyone is sporting some red on their person in celebration of this glorious day.

Love, right? Thats what its all about isn’t it? Sharing the deepest thoughts and feelings one has towards the other. Yes I am sure you have confessed your love the third date you had, and then when you asked her to be your girlfriend and probably the last time you wanted to get some. Its ok, you can admit it…girls respond to the emotionally connected type of love (not like the physical love most men lust after). She will crumble like a cookie in your hands.

There is a book by Dr. Gary Chapman called, “The Five Love Languages” which would show you and tell you how to actually treat your lady all year round and not using V-Day as a way to bail yourself out to last another year.

But I digress.(pssssttt…take the test.

I am still waiting for the right woman to come along…(i think i might have found her…so stay tuned…).

The flowers mean so much more on a random Thursday after a long day of work just to remind her why she chose you. Because yes, she does have a choice…to leave or to stay, so you need to make sure you keep her around because there will always be hundreds of thousands of guys who would probably kill for a girl as good as you have right there on your arm.

“Love the one your with”…I was told that once and it didn’t make sense until I realized it was me getting let loose by a girl back in high school. That’s me, always getting dumped…why?!!? Can’t I lower the hammer once? Like I was saying…love the one your with. Its so much easier to fix the small problem in your relationship then to go out and have a fling with a random (guy or girl). its disrespectful to your partner if you would rather do that than fix her. Its better for me to get a promotion with my current job than to go off and find another job I have to work my way up to where I am anyway!!!

Ranting…stop me now.

To all the lovers out there…this is your special day but make it last 365 days until the next year. She will appreciate it, I will appreciate you not sucking at your relationship.

Wikipedia also lists the type of holiday as, “Cultural, Christian, and Commercial”.

Hallmark wants you to be nice to your girlie too.

Happy Valentines Day Nicole.


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