So I am reading this book. If you are interested in Social Media or Marketing or even a business owner this book needs to be permanently stuck to your eyeballs until you are Fin (that’s French for ya).

I cant get over some of these quotes, they will change your perception on how WE have control over the market. NOT the people putting the products in front of us.

Something to live by:

“Questions are the seeds for cultivating knowledge and experience is the intelligence that serves as the curriculum for teaching and inspiring those around us. The shift from inquiry to practice is a pivotal step in earning a meaningful sense of understanding judgement”
~Brian Solis

Get your megabyte in gear or else you will have a harddrive back to the processor

With social media we are seeing the exact same changes and evolution. Businesses that continued to exist without a website were left behind and the same thing is going to happen to businesses that refuse to participate in social media. Businesses that refuse to build relationships with their customers are going to die and nobody is going to be at their funeral (sad, right?). ~”Twittfaced”

If you didn’t already know this, I am starting a company that specialized in helping business integrate social media into their advertising umbrella. Small businesses first-then Nike, Gatorade, and if I have a change of heart I might even help out Apple. Who knows.

I really want to send this to everyone of my clients to introduce us first. Your thoughts?

Hey favorite brands, we know we have the control, and now you finally know it too. But, guess what, there’s potential to have a better relationship with us, if you listen.

I think Deirdre Breakenridge said it best when she said that.

Look out world, here I come. Please dont be annoyed by my multiple posts and tweets and me asking a bunch of questions to you guys. I am just asking for help if you ever seen it.

Thank you, love you and Laura K. will be the first person I hire in my creative department. lol

Electronically yours,



A social conglomerate fighting for his voice to be heard and a way to motivate the world. Words are all that is between you and success. That and fear. Conquer fear and use the words to tell people about your triumph. You can always win.

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4 comments on “Twittfaced
  1. laura kortlandt says:

    you’re far more creative and innovative than i have ever been. can i be a sidekick in your awesome life?

  2. Nate says:

    Hmm, very interesting. That makes sense to me. Our culture is becoming more driven by the community side of postmodernism, and this definitely seems to be a natural outcome of that. Good job for noticing that and getting on board bro.

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