Everything I do…

We are the reason the world works the way it does. It is because of us companies rise and fall, as do people in power, as do our finances, relationships, and occupations.

We bring businesses to the top of the charts, to the peak of their financial fruitfulness and then just as fast as we did that, we can bring them back down to the pits of monetary starvation and being on the verge of extinction.

Man those were some good words.

Hey everyone, would you tell me what you think about businesses on Facebook? Why do you friend/like them? Is it so you can see what offers they will show you? Is it to show your support to them or even allow your friends to see their page by liking it?

What is your motivation behind it?

Leave your comments below.




A social conglomerate fighting for his voice to be heard and a way to motivate the world. Words are all that is between you and success. That and fear. Conquer fear and use the words to tell people about your triumph. You can always win.

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4 comments on “Everything I do…
  1. I like it because with some, it gives consumers a window of small local shops to show what they offer without traveling. Larger companies like Starbucks offer discounts, via facebook. The spa I work for offer specials only through social media. I think it’s a great tool for marketing, but to extent. I’d rather not have my news feed filled with businesses.

  2. I agree. I think that facebook should be regulated and geared more towards the social aspect that it was created for. I do think that the more it is filled with businesses, it will phase out. I would like to keep mine for connections with friends and business acquaintances, but not to be sold something.

  3. Bill Rose says:

    I wish you would blog more, you always have something interesting to say…

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