And so it goes…

And so it goes…and you’re the only one who knows.

Someone who demands respect but doesn’t give you respect makes you not respect them even more.

If someone speaks down to you during a conversation for to think their point is more justified than yours, it brings you to the conclusion they have nothing left to argue and are now sumbitting to name-calling and childish ways of thinking to survive. jerk.

These are times when I am crossing new ground everyday.  These are areas where I have no expertise, no guidance or history with these ways.  How am I supposed to learn?  Trial and error.  How can one learn when he makes a mistake on these paths and gets one of his legs cut off.  How is he to move forward and learn from his mistakes when he cannot move forward anymore?

Riddle me this.well, riddle me that, up there.


I was recently enjoying the crisp salty waters of the Outter Banks a few weeks ago and tide was rising and we crossed from one sandbar to the other so we could make it back to shore.  As I was fully clothed, carrying a abag of shells and wearing a brandnew sun hat I tried to cross the 20 ft channel.  The current was so strong and my clothes were so heavy I could barely make it across without the tide shoving me back out into the vast ocean.  IT LOOKED SO SIMPLE, but it was tiring and nearly defeated me.  I could have walked around the channel, taking another 5 min, but I assumed that I would be fine swimming 20 ft across the salty blue water.  I learned from my mistake, the water has a power I never knew.  I had not been coached, trained, or guided on this matter so I took the best course I could with my limited knowledge.  I will never do that again.


I tried, I failed, I learned therefore I am smarter.  Our young culture has not been raised on trades.  We are being rased by a generation who went to college, got their education, and got a job they have been with the rest of their lives.  The real world experience from their times to our times is barely transferable.  We all must learn for ourselves but PLEASE do not penalize learning.  Failure is learning, learning is knowledge, knowledge is power.


If a 20 something has passion for your business…chanel it and use it.  Don’t cut his leg off.  How will he ever move forward…


A social conglomerate fighting for his voice to be heard and a way to motivate the world. Words are all that is between you and success. That and fear. Conquer fear and use the words to tell people about your triumph. You can always win.

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3 comments on “And so it goes…
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  2. K-bird says:

    Learning never ends.

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