AIM….why do you suck

What happened to the Aol Instant Messenger and its wonderful times of days gone by.  I would much rather be on facebook monitoring my chat toolbar seeing who I can talk to in a 5 minute passing of them logging in, checking their messages, and then logging off after they have gotten their fill.

5 windows at a time, before you could cascase them in the same one.  Five windows flashing and trying to keep up with them as fast as possible to satisfy the need for social interaction without physical connection.

The only way that you could be pealed off the computer was if the clock struck 3:00am and everyone was zombies at their computer.  Myspace has even tapped into the instant messaging craze.  Skype was the first to add video.  Yahoo and Msn and Google now have a messenger.

How connected can we be?  To the point where its too much?  How do we escape THE INTERNET!!!

Electronically yours.


P.S. I need more AIM friends.


A social conglomerate fighting for his voice to be heard and a way to motivate the world. Words are all that is between you and success. That and fear. Conquer fear and use the words to tell people about your triumph. You can always win.

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2 comments on “AIM….why do you suck
  1. Dave says:

    You should get real friends before you try and get AIM ones. Loser! Hahaha!

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